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The team of legal and professional experts at Swansea Legal Solutions offers a wide range of personal legal advice to individuals and their families. Whatever your personal circumstances, we are able to offer guidance for life’s journey that is tailored to your needs.

We provide practical legal advice on a broad range of issues that is communicated to you in a way that you will understand. We also invest time in getting to know you so we are able to get a clear picture of your needs and to build a close working relationship.

Our team is highly accessible and happy to meet at our offices, have a virtual meeting or meet you in your home if you would prefer to do so. Fees will be discussed with you from the very beginning and provide clear estimate costs for each stage of our work.

So, in addition to receiving high quality legal advice and service you can be sure of the total costs up front.

Care Fees Planning

As we grow old, we may require care in our own homes or in residential care which can be expensive. Swansea Legal Solutions can help you plan how to finance any care requirements you might have, well in advance.

Planning for care home fees today will give you peace of mind for the future and ensure you still have something left to pass on to your children or loved ones. Planning for fees is not just about putting some money aside now, it’s essential to look at your estate as a whole, how you own your home and how your assets are structured.

It’s important to know that if you should ever need to go into a care home, you’re usually expected to pay for your own fees.

Your local authority will undertake a financial assessment to find out if you’re entitled to state funded care or not.

The average care home costs today range between £3,000 and £4,000 per month, and an individual will stay there on average for 3.5 years.

As a result your estate may have to pay in around £135,000, or even more, to fund your care needs. If you don’t plan for these potential costs your home may need to be sold to pay for your care, which could leave very little for your loved ones when you die.

How We Can Help

Members of our experienced team can help you to plan for care home fees in a number of ways. Firstly, we will advise on any state benefits you’re entitled as well as helping you to claim other possible methods of funding such as NHS Continuing Healthcare.

We will structure your will (and that of your spouse or partner) to protect any inheritance for your children or others; and we can also advise on how to arrange home ownership with your partner to ensure all assets are protected.


Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question because each individual’s needs are specific to them, as will be any premiums which will need to be paid.

Care fee annuity premiums for each client is individually calculated and will depend on the following factors as well as sex and age:

  • the amount of benefit required;
  • medical history and what options you require;
  • escalation and or capital protection.

Once you have received and accepted a medically underwritten quote, once set up the provider can never request a further premium for continuing to provide the same benefits.

Obviously should you subsequently need to increase the income provided, for example if a move up to more expensive nursing care is required, then you may need to set up a new top up annuity, but they cannot increase the premium on the original policy no matter how long care is required for.

This is one of the advantages of a care fee annuity as it caps the cost of care and continues indefinitely.

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