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Employment Law Services

Employment law governs a wide range of issues, including employment contracts, discrimination, harassment, unfair dismissal, and wage disputes.

Our employment legal experts play a crucial role in advising clients on compliance with employment regulations and best practices to prevent legal issues from arising.

We can assist in drafting employment contracts, policies, and procedures that align with the law and protect the interests of all parties involved.

Additionally, our legal advisors represent clients during employment disputes, providing strong advocacy and seeking fair resolutions.

With our in-depth knowledge of employment legislation and case law, legal support for employment law in the UK ensures a fair and harmonious working environment while safeguarding the rights and welfare of employees and employers alike.

Our main employment law services include:

Unfair dismissal: Unfair dismissal occurs when an employer terminates an employee’s contract without a valid reason or fails to follow the proper dismissal procedures. In this instance it’s important for employees to seek legal advice to take them through the process of challenging their dismissal and seeking redress.

Our team of employment law specialists can assess the circumstances surrounding the dismissal, gather evidence, and advise on the available legal options. We may also represent employees in employment tribunals, advocating for their rights and seeking compensation for loss of earnings and emotional distress.

With our expertise in employment law, legal support for unfair dismissal empowers employees to assert their rights and obtain a fair outcome in cases of wrongful termination.

Discrimination: It is important for individuals who have experienced unfair treatment based on protected characteristics, such as age, gender, race, disability, religion, or sexual orientation to seek legal advice and support. Discrimination can occur in various settings, including the workplace, education, housing, and public services. Our employment legal experts can advise individuals on their rights and options for seeking redress.

We help gather evidence, assess the strength of the case, and guide clients through the process of filing a discrimination claim with the relevant authorities or pursuing legal action in court.

We also advocate for our clients, seeking compensation for any harm suffered and working to promote equality and justice. With our expertise in discrimination law, legal support empowers individuals to challenge discrimination, protect their rights, and foster a more inclusive and equitable society.

Whistleblowing: Whistleblowers play a vital role in exposing fraud, corruption, health and safety violations, and other illegal activities that may harm the public or the organisation itself. Expert whistleblowing legal experts provide essential guidance and protection to whistleblowers, ensuring their rights are safeguarded throughout the process.

Our expert team has experience in helping individuals understand the legal protections available under the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) and other relevant legislation. We also assist in navigating internal reporting procedures or, if necessary, filing claims with the Employment Tribunal for unfair treatment or dismissal as a result of whistleblowing. 

Unpaid wages: Unpaid wages can result from various situations, such as wage theft, unlawful deductions, or withheld bonuses. Our team of employment legal experts can assist employees to recover their unpaid wages. We analyse employment contracts, timesheets, and other relevant documents to determine the amount owed and whether any legal violations have occurred.

We may also engage in negotiation or, if necessary, pursue legal action on behalf of employees to reclaim the unpaid wages. Our aim is to ensure that employees receive the wages they are owed and that employers are held accountable for any wage-related violations.

TUPE: TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations) in the UK is when a business or part of it is transferred to a new owner. TUPE regulations protect employees’ rights during transfers, ensuring their terms and conditions of employment are preserved, and they are not unfairly dismissed due to the transfer.

Our employment legal experts play an important role in advising businesses on their obligations under TUPE, assisting with due diligence, and ensuring compliance with the regulations. We also guide employees through the process, explaining their rights and providing representation if necessary to protect their interests during the transfer.

With our expertise in employment law and knowledge of TUPE regulations, our legal support ensures a smooth and fair transfer process while safeguarding the rights and job security of employees involved.

Disciplinary Issues: Disciplinary issues can arise from various situations, such as misconduct, poor performance, or breaches of company policies. In this instance it is important for employers to seek guidance from employment law experts in order to understand the disciplinary process, and to ensure they follow proper procedures and comply with employment law.

For employees, legal advisors provide essential support in defending against disciplinary allegations, ensuring they are treated fairly and have a chance to present their side of the story. Our team of legal professionals can represent employees during disciplinary hearings and appeals if necessary.

With our expertise in employment law and disciplinary procedures, legal support ensures a fair and transparent process that protects the rights and interests of both employers and employees involved in disciplinary matters.

Shareholding issues: Shareholding issues can range from disagreements over voting rights, dividend distribution, dilution of shares, to issues arising during mergers and acquisitions or changes in corporate structure.

Our team of corporate legal experts have direct experience in advising shareholders on their rights and remedies, as well as negotiating and mediating shareholder disputes to seek amicable resolutions. Additionally, our advisors help shareholders understand their fiduciary duties, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and provide guidance during shareholder meetings and proxy voting.

Our aim is to ensure that shareholders can protect their investments, make informed decisions, and navigate complex issues that may arise in their ownership of a company’s shares.

Disclaimer: any reserved legal activities will be carried out by our panel of direct access legal barristers. 

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