Christmas Gifts Can Impact on your Will

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We all love to spend time with family and friends at Christmas, a time when many of us give and receive gifts. But did you know that these gifts can, in some circumstances, have an impact on your will? 

Impact of Christmas Gifts

Christmas should be more about spending time with those we love and not about the presents we receive. But inevitably, we do end up getting some great gift which sometimes can be as extravagant as jewellery, furniture, clothing and even some very high items such as a car!

If this is the case, and you are expecting something which has a high value, then you need to add these possessions to your will. This way, you can be sure that these items are passed onto your loved ones in the event of your death.

Special Events

Christmas is also one of the most popular times for families to make special announcements including engagements – which is also a trigger to review a will. If you become engaged over the festive period, not only do you need to think about who you may wish to pass your ring onto (in due course) but once you do get married, your original will is cancelled and will need to be redone.


If you haven’t reviewed your will for a year or more, your circumstances may have changed in relation to whom you have chosen to be the executors of your will. The original executor may have passed away for example or you may have got married and would prefer your new spouse to be the executor.

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