Importance of Getting Your Will Written by a Professional

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Gone are the days when you had to pay expensive solicitors fees or bank charges to get your will written.  Organisations like Swansea Legal Solutions specialise in will writing and offer a fully compliant and competitively priced will writing service.

We also offer a very personal service as we are able to provide consultations in our office which have full disabled access or at clients’ homes, at their convenience. 

That said, many people still opt to write their own will by using the DIY options that are available online. But when it comes to making your will, having it professionally drafted and written is important to avoid any costly mistakes and to ensure your estate and loved ones are protected and looked after in line with your wishes.

Reasons To Avoid DIY Wills

If you are planning to write your own will, then it is important to spend a substantial amount of time and effort in researching the options to make sure that your will is watertight. What’s more, if you have a more complex estate, then the online DIY options will only give you a basic will, which may not be appropriate for the complexity of your estate.

Problems can also come about if there is any ambiguity in the wording of a DIY will. This can leave your will open to being contested by a member of your family who feel that they are entitled to a share in the estate even though you intentionally left them out of your will.

Benefits of Using a Professional Will Writer

There are many reasons to have your will written by a professional organisation like Swansea Legal Solutions.

Firstly, most people don’t have enough knowledge or experience when it comes to writing their own will. The chances are you will leave something important out of the will or your intentions could be misinterpreted leading to family feuds after you die.

A professional will writing service will focus solely on writing your will as part of a wider estate planning process by providing expert advice and guidance.  They will also include any clauses within the will that have the correct structure and phraseology to prevent it being contested in the future.

If your wishes in the event of death are very simple, a DIY will may be good enough for you. But ask yourself with a single will costing around £195 + VAT and Mirror wills starting from £300 + VAT, is it really worth the risk of your wishes not being met and your beneficiaries missing out what you intended for them?

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