Planning Ahead For a Lasting Power of Attorney

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Many people hold off making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) thinking it is a task for the future. But that’s a myth as a person’s mental capacity can be affected by a range of unforeseen circumstances such as a car accident or illness.

If you do not have an LPA in place and lose capacity then your loved ones will have to apply to the Court of Protection for an order to allow them to manage your property and finances on your behalf. This is more time consuming and more expensive then setting up your LPA in advance.

And importantly, when it comes to a Health and Welfare LPA, orders are rarely granted by the Court of Protection.

At Swansea Legal Solutions we have outlined the steps you need to take to put your LPA in place now using our specialist services – rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Steps to Setting Up your LPA

Step 1: Make an appointment at our office to discuss what you would like in your LPA and whether you need or want a Health and Welfare and a Financial LPA. We can also arrange meetings at your home if required. The appointment generally takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

Step 2: Once we know exactly what you would like in your LPA then we draft your documents and send them to you in the post for checking.

Step 3: You need to review your LPA and then contact us with any amendments you may have. At this point we will arrange another appointment if necessary though in most instances, as our initial meeting is so thorough, any amendments are usually minor and can be made easily over the phone.

Step 4: We will arrange a second appointment with you which is the opportunity to go through your LPA at our office and ensure you are happy with the document and any amendments. Once you have signed your LPA it will be witnessed and dated.

Step 5: We will submit your LPA to the Office of the Public Guardian and you will receive a copy of the approval document usually within 20 weeks of submission.

How Much Does an LPA Cost?

The costs of setting an LPA with Swansea Legal Solutions will depend on your personal circumstances, which type or types of LPA’s you will need and the complexity of the amendments you make.  

As a standard guideline, most LPA’s usually cost £550 + VAT plus £82 for Court fees. However, throughout October 2022 we are offering a 40% discount of the cost of an LPA for appointments made this month only.

To book your appointment, call us today on 01792 420844 or you can read about our full range of services here.